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What is the difference in the comfort levels? (Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm)

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Soft, Medium or Firm?


Soft mattresses tend to conform to the body and hug it, often described as “sleeping on a cloud”. With a Medium Pocket Spring support system, extra thick comfort layers and a luxurious filled merino topper, these tend to be the choice for people who find discomfort sleeping on their sides on firmer mattresses.
Often suggested for those who really prefer a deeper cushioning hug, and a softer plush feel.


Our most popular choice - 80% choose this. So if you’re like the majority of our Luxury Bed customers, this could be the right fit for you. Medium mattresses tend to conform to the body by allowing you to settle into the mattress however you don’t tend to sink into the mattress as much as you would with a soft mattress, often described as an “excellent balance of contouring comfort and support”. While still offering you the support of a Medium Pocket Spring system and the comfort of the luxurious merino topper - these tend to be the go to choice for people who require a bit more support than the soft mattress but still enjoy that cushioning hug from the luxurious topper.


Firm mattresses tend to offer more support than the medium while still offering comfort. Great to accommodate those who prefer more firmness underneath. Offering additional support with a Firm Pocket Spring system while still providing comfort with a luxurious merino topper. These tend to be the choice for people who want that additional supported feeling, without that extra firm feeling. Firm mattresses can take a few days for your body to adjust to especially if you are not used to these.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is a natural fibre that is thinner and softer than other types of wool. Merino wool is comfortable, eco-friendly and substantially obtained from the South Island of New Zealand. Merino wool stands high among nature’s miracle materials - and that's why we think it's perfect for making mattresses.

The natural waviness (or crimp) of wool gives each mattress a lovely springiness that’s hard to achieve with synthetic fibres. In addition to luxurious comfort properties, merino wool is known for many other advantages. NZ Wool Foundation highlights that ‘Merino wool has great insulation properties, it can often help to keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter than other synthetic materials. Merino wool is naturally hypoallergenic as it does not contain many of the elements that frequently cause allergies in people, and is known to be more resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew then synthetic fibres’.*

As a company Luxury Orthopaedic Beds Ltds knows and appreciates the benefits of Merino wool. In this beautiful county of New Zealand, raising sheep is something Kiwi’s do well, however the wool industry is lacking support. We are proud to be not only offering an Eco-friendly and Sustainable product for our customers but also proud to be able to support the Wool industry by manufacturing one of New Zealand’s renewable resources into luxurious high-end beds. We couldn’t think of a better way to make a mattress.

*Wool advantages as quoted by NZ Wool Foundation, as part of our support for the ‘Campaign for Wool’ you can find out more about Merino Wool via

Luxury Dunlop Cushioning Foam

Our Luxurious Comfort layers include our Luxury Dunlop Cushioning foam. Dunlop is a well known NZ brand of foam Manufacturers, and are market leading in the Nz Bed industry. Our Luxury Cushioning foam is a range of quality high-density foam designed for quality furniture and bedding applications. Luxury Dunlop Cushioning foam is not only performance guaranteed with our 5-year manufacturers warranty, but also Ultra-Fresh® treated to help provide a healthier home environment. Laboratory tests show that foams protected with Ultra-Fresh® at the manufacturing stage, help provide effective control of house dust mites as well as the growth of destructive mould, mildew and fungi.

Luxury Dunlop Cushioning Foam is locally manufactured in New Zealand using Dunlop MaxFoam facilities, resulting in a high-quality performance product that has long-lasting durability and is in line with our commitment to sustainability. The Maxfoam process converts raw materials into foam at the highest possible yield while consuming the lowest amount of electrical energy per cubic metre of foam produced. Dunlop Foam also recycles 100% of all-foam offcuts during the process of the manufacture of our beds and this is utilized in their ECOBOND product to reduce the impact on the environment.

Orthopaedic 5 Zone Pocket Spring System

While a traditional mattress features springs that are all attached to each other by wire, Luxury Orthopaedic Beds ltd do things a little differently with their unique take on the 5 Zone Pocket Spring system. Unlike the traditional standard spring system, pocket springs have complete autonomy from each other contained in individual fabric pockets and arranged in vertical columns. Offering more freedom, less roll-together and reducing partner disturbance compared to the traditional mattress system.

Each time you move the pocket spring system responds and moves with you. Each spring is free to retort to individual pressure regarding the weight placed on it, tending to support in the contouring body shape. Pocket spring mattresses tend to create less strain on the body, comply with the body’s shape helping to maintain spinal alignment and provide better support than a traditional mattress. More Luxurious with 5 main zones, offering variable support for main areas of your body, designated for head, shoulders, lower back, thigh and feet. Zoned support divides the mattress into these different support levels to help provide natural spinal alignment and support where you want it most.

Partner Disturbance - Minimised

Our Orthopaedic 5 Zone Pocket Spring System means that our mattresses not only tend to be comfy and supportive, they are also known to minimise partner disturbance. Disturbance is minimized because when one person is shifting about in the night, they are only affecting the springs directly below them, as opposed to the traditional interlinked spring systems.

It is also said that comfort layers can also dampen down movement from a partner. Our luxurious merino comfort helps to conform and soften the feel of someone moving. So even if you or your partner are active sleepers, you can both enjoy the comforts of the reduced partner disturbance advantages our mattresses offer.

Mattress Encasing

Our mattress is specially designed to include mattress encapsulation technology. Essentially, encapsulation is a ‘box’ of high density foam support border that reinforces the whole mattress. The outer border is designed to help improve mattress durability, and help reduce the likelihood of edge sagging and “roll-off” in comparison to a traditional mattress. Additionally, the encapsulated mattress also features a layer of support foam above the springs. This acts like a “lid” and provides a barrier between the springs and comfort layers providing an additional surface, ensuring the comfort layers of your mattress are well supported.

Mattress encapsulation technology is designed with edge-to-edge support in mind, meaning that the sleeping space is maximized, allowing you to sleep right to the edge of your mattress (please note: sleeping directly on the encasing may have a slight variation to sleeping in the middle of the bed). This is an added benefit if you share your bed with a partner or children.

Upholstered Headboards

What better way to complete your Luxury Orthopaedic Bed experience than with one of our handcrafted Headboards. Available in 3 different designs and 4 great colours. Handcrafted in New Zealand using the same fabric that covers the bases of our beds, these headboards are designed to complement your bed and will enhance your bedroom with extra style.


In most houses storage is at a premium, and built-in wardrobe chest drawers are becoming a thing of the past. Our under-bed built-in drawers allow you to use the space to store life's essentials while giving you back some space in your bedroom. Our drawers are made in a fabric to match the base of your bed so that when they are closed they blend in with the rest of your base.

Bed Heights

People come in all sorts of sizes, our beds come with a choice of two feet heights to allow you to customize your bed further. While all feet need to be the same height on your bed, this allows you to choose between our Standard height legs or our Short Legs. Giving you the option to personalize the height of your bed to suit your comfort level getting in and out of bed.

Standard Legs
Our standard legs are 145mm high, which makes the top of the bed approx 740mm from the floor.

Short Legs
Our short legs are 75mm high, which makes the top of the bed approx 670mm from the floor.

New Zealand Made

The 'Orthopaedic Merino Bed' has been lovingly handcrafted in NZ to provide your body with excellent comfort and support. Using locally sourced NZ Merino wool we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a NZ Made product. Luxury Orthopeadic Beds Ltd understands the importance of customers being able to know where the products they purchase are made, and are an officially licensed NZ made business. We are proud to display our NZ Made trademark.