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Innovative Leaders in the Bed Industry

Are you fed up with the old stodgy traditional bed industry here in New Zealand? Flash costly shops with very high overheads leads to you paying for over inflated bed prices. This is why ‘L.O.B.’ just operate from a warehouse – holding dear to their heart – ‘sleeping in a high-end luxurious NZ made bed should be affordable to all’.

Having been in the bed industry for decades Kim Clear and team have created the ‘ONE’ bed you all love – the beautifully luxurious ‘Orthopaedic Merino Bed’, lovingly handcrafted at the factory here in NZ. Relax, you now don’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed with technical jargon, the confusing ranges of beds in the market, or having a lengthy wait.
It gets better. Kim’s bed loving family live on farmland in rural Waikato and this true-blue kiwi grassroots family are very passionate about supporting the NZ Wool Industry. This is why you are fortunate to rest your head on a topper filled to the brim with the most luxurious wool in the world – NZ Merino Wool ……… ahhhhhhhhh!

Whilst you are welcome to view at their Hamilton bed warehouse (8a Hounsell Road), most people purchase sight unseen having read all the wonderful reviews, or recommendations from friends/family who are enjoying the blissful comfort. The Orthopaedic Merino bed is available firm, medium or soft, 80% choose medium (however personal preference).

Whilst the team at ‘L.O.B.’ just love handcrafting this world-class NZ made bed and are appreciative of the huge following and massive support on social media, their greatest joy comes from the feedback they get from you. It warms their hearts everyday hearing messages from people stating they are having the best sleep ever, and how truly wonderful this life-changing experience is.