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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you?

You can contact us by email, phone or even on Facebook messenger through our Facebook business page. Find out more here 

Where are you located? Can I view the beds?

To keep costs down for our customers we operate from one location, our warehouse in Hamilton. Most of our happy customers buy online sight unseen after reading our wonderful reviews. You are welcome to view at our warehouse, 8a Hounsell Rd Hamilton. Find out more on here.

Do you sell the Mattresses separately?

Yes we do. Mattresses, Bases & Headboards can all be purchased separately. You can select this option on our “Create your own bed” page here

What type of base can I use with the mattress?

Due to the pocket spring technology in the Orthopaedic Merino Mattress, these are suitable for solid straight timber slat bases (Fixed slat bases).

Providing a foundation that supports your mattress is a very important element to ensuring the longevity of your mattress. For this reason, any curved or flexible type slats are not suitable, also bases that have narrow metal slats or sprung bases are not suitable.

Gaps between slats should not exceed 8cm – 10cm as excessive gaps will not provide adequate support to the mattress. This will vary depending on the construction of the base. 

Using the mattress on a base that does not provide adequate support may cause damage to your mattress and will void the mattress warranty. If you are unsure if your current base will provide the correct support please contact us. 

How do I Purchase?

Most of our happy customers buy online sight unseen after reading our wonderful reviews. We have many payment options available. Find out more here 

What Payment or Finance Options do you Offer?

Payments can be made in the following ways:
Cash or Eftpos instore, Internet Banking/Direct transfers, Credit/Debit Cards online or over the phone, WINZ Quotes & Payments, or Finance through QCard, Humm or GemVisa. Find out more about our finance options here 

Do you Deliver? How much does it cost to deliver?

We can deliver almost anywhere within the North Island. Delivery costs vary based on where in the North Island you are located. You can select your delivery option when you make your online order, or find our more here 

Can I pick-up?

You certainly can, we love meeting our customers. You can arrange to pick-up from our Hamilton Warehouse when you make your online order. Pick up date will be confirmed with you upon completion of your order. Most pickups can be arranged same day or available within 3 business days. Find out pick-up location here 

Do you have beds in stock to pick up today?

Since most of our happy customers buy sight unseen we only hold a limited amount of stock at our warehouse and ship most orders directly from the factory. We have a great range of display models in different sizes and comfort levels for you to try out. To find out what we have in stock contact us here 

How long will it take for my bed to arrive?

Once your order is processed, you can usually expect your bed within 4-10 business days (depending on location). If you have questions about a specific delivery please contact us here .

What bed sizes do you make?

We make Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super-King and California King. You can find the dimensions of our beds in the Specifications tab at the bottom of our “Create your own bed” page here 

What is the difference between Firm, Medium or Soft?

Soft mattresses tend to conform to the body and hug it, often described as “sleeping on a cloud”. With a Medium Pocket Spring support system, extra thick comfort layers and a luxurious filled merino topper, these tend to be the choice for people who find discomfort sleeping on their sides on firmer mattresses. Often suggested for those who really prefer a deeper cushioning hug, and a softer plush feel. 

Medium mattresses tend to conform to the body however you don’t tend to sink into the mattress as much as you would with a soft mattress, often described as an “excellent balance of contouring comfort and support” Our most popular mattress choice with 80% of people choosing this mattress. While still offering you the support of a Medium Pocket Spring system and the comfort of the luxurious merino topper - these tend to be the go to choice for couples or the all round sleepers who require a bit more support than the soft mattress. 

Firm mattresses tend to offer more support than the medium while still offering comfort. Great to accommodate those who prefer more firmness underneath. Offering additional support with a Firm Pocket Spring system while still providing comfort with a luxurious merino topper. These tend to be the choice of people who want that additional support feeling. Firm mattresses can take a few days for your body to adjust to especially if you are not used to these.

How do I know what the right mattress is for me?

Choosing a mattress is about making the right purchase for you, while meeting your sleeping needs, getting value for money and of course, getting that great night’s sleep. We understand that this is an important decision, so we have a friendly team happy to help you make this decision. Feel free to contact one of our friendly team here 

Can we swap our mattress if we don't like it?

While we appreciate some places do offer a sleep trial or change of mind policy, we have purposefully chosen not to offer this as it would need to be incorporated into the bed pricing. We aim to continue to offer our customers luxury beds at an affordable price so it is important for us to keep these costs as low as we can. If you are unsure on what bed would suit you, have a chat to one of our friendly staff here 

What is the Warranty on your beds?

We offer a 5 year Manufacturer's warranty on our Mattresses and Bases. And a 2 year Warranty on our Headboards. You can find out more about our warranty terms here 

Do you offer WINZ Quotes?

Yes we can offer WINZ Quotes and Payment options. Contact us here  for more details