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60 Night Comfort Guarantee

What is the Luxury Orthopaedic Beds 60 Night Comfort Guarantee?

Worried about what will happen if you aren't 100% in love with your new bed?

That's alright, Luxury beds will help you exchange your mattress with a new mattress more suited to you. All we ask is that you give your new mattress atleast 28 nights to make sure your body has become accustomed to the comfort level.

Why 28 days?

The reality is that it take most of us several nights for our bodies to adjust to a new sleeping surface and it is not uncommon for minor aches and pains to develop as a result, but they typically disspate quite quickly.

If your new mattress feels too firm, try sleeping in different areas until you break in the sleep surface or adding a topper for first few weeks until you become accustomed to the new mattress. If your new mattress feels too soft around the middle part or lower back areas, try using a lower/thinner pillow.

As it is typical to allow 3-4 weeks to break in your new mattress and for your body to adjust to a new sleep surface. All we ask is that you sleep on your new mattress for 28 days for the mattress to adjust to you and for you to adjust to the mattress. After 28 days if you are not completely satisfied with the comfort levels of your new mattress, contact us to arrange exchanging your mattress under our 60 Night Comfort Guarantee.

60 Night Comfort Guarantee Terms & Conditions:

  • For 60 Nights Comfort Guarantee to apply, a waterproof mattress protector of the same size must be purchased from Luxury Orthopaedic Beds Ltd with the new mattress on the same invoice.
    Please note: Mattress protectors are posted to you (unless collected instore) once payment has been received. Any delays due to payments or NZ Post (regarding courier of the mattress protector) is not the reponsibility of Luxury Orthopaedic Beds Ltd, if you have not received your mattress protector by the day prior to your delivery please contact us.
  • 60 night sleep trial applies to purchases made from 24/01/2024, does not apply to any purchases made prior to this date.
  • 60 night sleep trial applies to a mattress exchange only, we do not offer refunds on purchases.
  • Your 60 night sleep trial begins from the day of delivery or day of collection (for all orders made after 24/01/2024) and the purchased mattress protector is required to be used on the mattress for the full duration of the Comfort Guarantee period.
  • Minimum of 28 nights sleep on your new mattress is required to allow for your body to become accustomed to the chosen comfort level of your new mattress. Between the 28th & 60th night, if you are unhappy with the chosen comfort level you can exchange your mattress for a different comfort level.
  • The mattress must be returned in its original condition, in the original protective plastic base/cardboard corners (we recommend keeping these somewhere safe when you unpack your mattress in case you need these,if you no longer have this one can be couriered to you at your costs) and be free of damage of any kind. Damage can include, but is not limited to; marks or stains, soiling, exposure to bodily fluids, contamination with any kind of odour such as smoke, animal smells or from fragrances and cleaning agents.
  • A fee of $249 (per mattress) applies to all mattress exchanges on the 60 Night Comfort Guarantee.
  • If the new chosen mattress costs more than the original mattress, you will be responsible for paying the difference. The price of the exchanged mattress will be at the price on the day of exchange, if the original mattress was at a discounted rate the difference will be required to be paid for the new mattress. No refunds will be given for lesser valued items.
  • Limit of only one mattress exchange during the 60 night period applies.
  • New replacement mattress does not come with a 60 Night Comfort Guarantee, and no exchanges or refunds will be provided if the new mattress is not suitable.
  • Comfort Guarantee applies to the mattress only (headboards, bases and mattress protectors are excluded from comfort guarantee), and does not include change in mattress size.
  • Original mattress must be used on a structurally sound foundation as outlined in mattress warranty, any use which voids the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty will void the comfort guarantee.
  • Customised or ‘made to order’ products are excluded from Comfort Guarantee, including single and long single mattresses, zipped mattresses & custom size mattresses.
  • Original mattress will need to be returned to Luxury Orthopaedic Beds Limited (8a Hounsell Road, Hamilton - during open weekday hours of Monday to Friday 9am - 4.30pm, excluding public holidays) for inspection. Inspections for mattress exchanges are not available on weekends or public holidays.
  • Preference is for all mattresses to be returned in person by the original purchaser or a representative on their behalf. Customers may arrange return of mattress via third-party freight carrier (at their costs), however transport liability lies with the customer and goods will be inspected prior to acceptance of delivery. Luxury Orthopaedic Beds reserves the right to reject goods from the freight provider if goods show signs of damage and will instruct freight carriers to return goods to original sender at their costs.
  • In the event that the customer wishes to collect the new chosen mattress the same day as returning the old mattress, 7 working days notice is required to arrange shipment of the new chosen mattress from the factory ready for collection.
  • In the event of the original mattress being returned to Luxury Orthopaedic Beds Limited via a third party freight carrier. Delivery of the chosen exchange mattress will occur after inspection of the original mattress has taken place and all fees have been paid, including delivery fee of the new mattress. Alternatively the customer may choose to arrange their own delivery of the mattress once the exchange fee has been paid.
  • The decision as to whether the returned mattress is of acceptable condition for exchange under the Comfort Guarantee is at the sole discretion of Luxury Orthopaedic Beds Limited.
  • The Comfort Guarantee is in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty and your rights under the Consumers Guarantees Act, the comfort guarantee will not alter, void or waiver it in any way.